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Welcome to Surya Paper Traders
Recycling paper makes sense. At Surya Papers, we believe helping advance recycling and recovery efforts is part of our job as responsible global stewards. We also believe that itís our duty to educate our employees, customers, stakeholders, partners and neighbors so they understand that while recycled paper has great value, we cannot rely solely on recycled paper to meet societyís needs and such an objective is not necessarily the best choice for the environment.
Our company provides recycled content options in several paper grades, uses this valuable resource at our paper mills to supplement virgin fiber. In addition, we are one the largest paper recyclers in South India through our International Paper Recycling business.
Recycling efforts need to use the recovered fiber at optimal levels in the appropriate paper products. Being good product stewards requires responsible forest management and sustainable forests such as those protected by forest certification programs for virgin fiber and efficient recycling and recovery processes to maximize recovery so we can get the most out of all fiber used. That is why Surya Paper promotes replanting more trees and efforts to increase paper recovery.
Recycling begins with virgin fiber and maximizes the value of recycling by working to have it serve our needs as many times as possible.
As the leading supplier of consumer packaging board, we will provide packaging solutions to help your business succeed by providing products and services that consistently exceed your expectations.
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